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Manna Custom, Inc., is a residential developer founded in Austin, TX, serving clients seeking new construction, urban infill redevelopment, or the addition of an Accessory Dwelling Unit to their existing property for personal residence or as a real estate investment holding.

Our expertise is rooted in design efficiency, cost modeling, and execution. We design our homes with the desire to offer a premium product while reducing footprint, eliminating waste, and using case-appropriate materials, vendors, and assemblies.

Our belief is that every client is a real estate investor. When we build a personal residence, our goal is the same as when we build a home to sell or construct an asset intended to operate as cash-flowing investment---To build equity through intelligent design, process control, risk management, and a top-tier product at a competitive market cost. In that sense, we are a vertically-integrated equity company serving our community by helping them build wealth and prosperity.

We hope we have the opportunity to serve you and build a better future together.

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